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You chose Stamped Concrete, Flagstone, Interlocking Pavers, and Saltillos because of their beauty and functional use on your outside patios and walkways. But as time has gone by, you can see discoloration, staining, and hard water deposits clouding the once stellar look of your your outside surfaces.

At Sureshine, or specialty is troubleshooting the cause of these problems. And the solutions do not just include contracting our services, we provide easy maintenance suggestions to increase the useful life of your patios and reduce the need for professional restoration services for years.

Understand that when left to the elements, your surface is at the mercy of nature. So the best time to perform work on these areas is during spring months so they look best over the summer and fall when you will use them most. We understand that your patios and walkways must be used for your pleasure and it is our mission to extend the useful life of these surfaces for years.

Services that we provide for Exterior Surfaces include: Deep Clean & Seal, Stripping Services, Color Enhancing, Stain Removal (Poulticing), Detail Clean & Seal, Polishing, Scratch Removal, and Repairs.

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Your surfaces are stripped to remove any coating type sealants with mostadvance chemicals available. We then deep clean the surface to removeresidues and prepare for the application of a sealer.
Stain Removal
This troubleshooting service includes many different methods. The most common method of stain removal is the application of a poultice. This includes theapplication of a prepared cream to the surface. We then cover it so the liquidin the cream enters the stone to break down the stain. Upon the removal of thecover, the paste dries into a powder and pulls the liquid and stain from insidethe material. This process usually takes several days and multiple applicationsare sometimes necessary.
Detail Clean & Seal
This service is designed for new or like new surfaces that require immediate stain protection. The surfaces are hand detailed or deep cleaned as needed to remove grout haze, pencil marks, and other installation related marks. We then apply a premium stain protector to the surface. This stain protector will give you some time to remove staining agents before stains can develop.
Polishing Polishing
The stone is chemically polished to improve shine and reflectivity. Grout is cleaned, the holes are filled, the grout is patched, and apremium stone protector is applied to the surface.
Scratch Removal
Scratch Removal is a service that usually requires the treatment of a small area of a larger counter or floor. The cost for this service isusually a flat fee based on the estimated length of time the technician willbe on the job or the amount of time needed to be scheduled for the technician.
Are specialized services that usually require the treatment of small areas ofa larger counter or floor. Examples include: chips, localized scratches, groutissues, broken pieces, etc... The cost for these services are usually a flat feebased on the estimated length of time the technician will be on the job or theamount of time needed to be scheduled for the technician.