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Granite Repair And SealingGranite Repair And SealingGranite Repair And SealingGranite Repair And Sealing
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Granite is the largest appliance in your kitchen or bath. Your countertops are constantly in use, and require your attention daily. So it is not only important that you take care of your granite, it is also important that your countertops allow you to live without being slaves to them. Many of our customers are constantly worrying about the condition of their granite surfaces.

Sureshine takes the worry away by completing a detailed cleaning your counters and applying high quality stain protection. Then we offer some of the best aftercare products available to help you maintain this worthwhile investment. By following our easy suggestions you can keep your countertops looking beautiful for years. And Sureshine is just a phone call away to answer any granite related question you might have.

The most commonly asked question about granite is, “How often do I have to seal my granite?”

Upon evaluation Sureshine can provide easy answers to all of your granite related questions. Because each granite is different and every application is different the rule of thumb has been one time per year with a high quality penetrating sealer. However, many dark granites will require less attention than light colors or those approaching white. If you have concerns regarding your granite, please call us or go to the Evaluation Request form so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.

Services that we provide for Granite include: Stain Protection, Stain Removal (Poulticing), Detail Clean & Seal, Polishing, Scratch Removal, and Repairs.

Always Remember to use a cleaner that says “Safe for Natural Stone Surfaces” when cleaning your counters. The use of a Crystal Clean and Finishing Touch as needed will help to provide long lasting protection for your granite counters. Go to our Aftercare shop for more information on keeping your stone surfaces looking great.

Stain Protection
This process takes place at the end of all services unless otherwise noted.A high quality stain protector is applied to the surface. We then buff asnecessary to remove all residues and detail the surfaces for your review.
Stain Removal
This troubleshooting service includes many different methods. The most commonmethod of stain removal is the application of a poultice. This includes theapplication of a prepared cream to the surface. We then cover it so the liquidin the cream enters the stone to break down the stain. Upon the removal of thecover, the paste dries into a powder and pulls the liquid and stain from insidethe material. This process usually takes several days and multiple applicationsare sometimes necessary.
Detail Clean & Seal
This service is designed for new or like new surfaces that require immediate stain protection. The surfaces are hand detailed or deep cleaned as needed to remove grout haze, pencil marks, and other installation related marks. We then apply a premium stain protector to the surface. This stain protector will give you some time to remove staining agents before stains can develop.
Polishing Polishing
The stone is chemically polished to improve shine and reflectivity. Grout is cleaned, the holes are filled, the grout is patched, and apremium stone protector is applied to the surface.
Scratch Removal
Scratch Removal is a service that usually requires the treatment of asmall area of a larger counter or floor. The cost for this service isusually a flat fee based on the estimated length of time the technician willbe on the job or the amount of time needed to be scheduled for the technician.
Are specialized services that usually require the treatment of small areas ofa larger counter or floor. Examples include: chips, localized scratches, groutissues, broken pieces, etc... The cost for these services are usually a flat feebased on the estimated length of time the technician will be on the job or theamount of time needed to be scheduled for the technician.