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Thank you for your interest in our services. You are just minutes away from receiving your proposal for the work to be done in your home.

At this time our quoting system is designed to quote floors and granite counter tops only. If you have other areas, our technicians can quote them for you during your project; or you can call the office at 866-346-2121 to arrange a visit and have a more comprehensive proposal performed prior to scheduling.

A few items that you will need:

  1. The type of material that you have. Fast Answers is currently offering services for: Tile & Grout, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Exterior Pavers, Saltillos, and Granite Counters.
  2. Surface: List your surfaces in the Locations section (Ex: Kitchen, Main Floor, Mstr Bath)
  3. Your square footage. Please be as accurate as possible. If you have multiple separate floors for the same service, please include all of your square footage in the calculation so you can receive the proper volume discount.
  4. Grout Color: A general description of the color of your grout is important to insure that we come out with the right color to patch any missing areas. We carry many colors and will make every effort to color match your grout on site, however if you provide a general color such as tan, we will be prepared with all of the tan grouts that we carry.

It helps if you know the service that you are looking for prior to starting. Fast Answers is currently quoting for:
Deep Cleaning, Refinishing, Chemical Polishing, Detail Clean & Seal, and Some Stripping Services.

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Tile & Grout Tile & Grout Porcelain and Ceramic tile are common flooring materials. Their durability and stain resistant finish makes this possible. But the grout can become discolored and dirty requiring deep cleaning. Sureshine offers state of the art cleaning systems as well as grout treatments to make old grout look like new again. Ask your technician for a demonstration of our grout treatment or call 800-378-0266 to schedule an evaluation.

Travertine Travertine is a sedimentary stone that is formed in mineral springs. The holes are formed when carbon dioxide rich water dissolve pockets of stone and pressure changes cause the carbon dioxide to evacuate much like carbonation. The resulting void in the stone is then filled with organic matter. Travertine has holes throughout its matrix. The surface can be smooth and polished with some areas of haziness (from filled holes), or honed to a matte finish. Other finishes include distressed and tumbled.

Marble Marble is a highly crystalline stone with veins and usually is installed highly polished. Marble can come in many different colors. Finishes range from tumbled, to honed to polished. Marble is reactive to household chemicals and many foods and because of that, it tends to etch.
Limestone Limestone is a calcium carbonate rich sedimentary rock that is usually honed but some materials have been know to take on a high polish. Limestone reacts readily with household chemicals and many foods including citrus, vinegar, and colas. Other common installations for limestone include pillowed edge, chiseled edge, and distressed. The color of limestone ranges form white to charcoal with some shades of green and blue.
Exterior Pavers Exterior Pavers These surfaces range brick, flagstone, and slate, to concrete pavers, and other exterior surfaces. Typically deep cleaned, sometimes these surfaces require stripping of old coatings. If you need assistance in choosing your requiredservice, please let us know.
Saltillos Saltillos are mexican clay tiles used for paving stones on interior and exterior applications. Interior applications usually require a wax coating, while exterior applications are usually color enhanced or just sealed with a natural look impregnator. A common characteristic of these tiles is a light colored middle with darker edges due to the way these tiles are in many cases, stacked and left to bake in the sun.
Granite Granite is a highly sought after building material. In the past twenty years the most demand for the stone has been for kitchen counters. Granite is a quartz based material that is highly crystalline. Because of the way the crystals are arranged, the surface can be porous to staining agents even though it is very hard.
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning
Our Green Deep Cleaning system extracts virtually all of thesoiling from your floors using high pressure hot water extraction.We then fill the holes, patch missing grout, and apply a premiumstain protector to the surface. Upon completion your floors areclean and sanitized and can be used immediately.
Refinishing Refinishing
Diamond Abrasives are used to remove scratches and etches from the surface ofthe stone. The surfaces are then brought to the desired shine. The holes arefilled, the grout is patched, and a premium stone protector is appliedto the surface.
Chemical Polishing Chemical Polishing
The stone is chemically polished to improve shine and reflectivity.Grout is cleaned, the holes are filled, the grout is patched, and apremium stone protector is applied to the surface.
Detail Clean & Seal
This service is designed for new or like new surfaces that require immediate stain protection. The surfaces are hand detailedor deep cleaned as needed to remove grout haze, pencil marks, andother installation related marks. We then apply a premium stainprotector to the surface. This stain protector will give you sometime to remove staining agents before stains can develop.
Your surfaces are stripped to remove any coating type sealants with mostadvance chemicals available. We then deep clean the surface to removeresidues and prepare for the application of a sealer