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Tile And Grout CleaningTile And Grout CleaningTile And Grout CleaningTile And Grout Cleaning
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Tile is a beautiful alternative to other flooring materials such as carpet and stone. Because it does not stain and is to easy keep clean, you can keep your floors looking great for years. But over time the grout lines between the tiles can become discolored from mopping and use. Your once beautiful floors can start to look aged and discolored. This is a common problem with a simple solution from Sureshine.

Sureshine uses state of the art truck mounted, high pressure hot water extraction machinery to deep clean your tile and grout. And best of all, it sanitizes as it cleans because we use ultra hot water along with environmentally friendly degreasers to loosen the dirt so it can be removed from the surface.

We then apply Stain Protection to your grout to help in the event of spills and make it easier to clean in the future. Use our easy to follow customized maintenance suggestions and your floors will stay cleaner, longer.

Services that we provide for Tile & Grout include: Deep Cleaning, Detail Clean & Seal, Stripping, Grout Re-coloring (as possible), and Repairs (as possible).

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Stain Protection
This process takes place at the end of all services unless otherwise noted.A high quality stain protector is applied to the surface. We then buff asnecessary to remove all residues and detail the surfaces for your review.
Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning
Our Green Deep Cleaning system extracts virtually all of thesoiling from your floors using high pressure hot water extraction.We then fill the holes, patch missing grout, and apply a premiumstain protector to the surface. Upon completion your floors areclean and sanitized and can be used immediately.
Detail Clean & Seal
This service is designed for new or like new surfaces that require immediate stain protection. The surfaces are hand detailed or deep cleaned as needed to remove grout haze, pencil marks, and other installation related marks. We then apply a premium stain protector to the surface. This stain protector will give you some time to remove staining agents before stains can develop.
Your surfaces are stripped to remove any coating type sealants with mostadvance chemicals available. We then deep clean the surface to removeresidues and prepare for the application of a sealer.
Grout Re-coloring
This service is available only for sanded grout. Sanded grout is cleanedto remove soiling and chemically etched to ensure maximum bondingof the grout treatment. After cleaning is completed, a color-matchedsealer is applied to the surface. This coating is a long lasting barrier to all types of staining agents. Sureshine grout treatments seal in the color, forming a virtually impenetrable barrier to staining.
Are specialized services that usually require the treatment of small areas ofa larger counter or floor. Examples include: chips, localized scratches, groutissues, broken pieces, etc... The cost for these services are usually a flat feebased on the estimated length of time the technician will be on the job or theamount of time needed to be scheduled for the technician.